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Ampilatwatja (pronounced um-bludder-witch) is the largest of three communities under the Aherrenge Aboriginal Association. The language spoken at the community is Alyawarr and there are up to 650 residents. Situated on the Sandover Highway itis approximately 320km from Alice Springs.

In the 1990’s the traditional owners of the area gained small excisions from the local pastoral lease to continue their life on their land. Ampilatwatja is the cultural heartland of the Alywarr nation. There are three outstations with the main ones being Irrultja 60km away and Atnwengerrp 40km away. With few exceptions, all the Aboriginal people living at Ampilatwatja belong to the Alywarr language group. Their country extends over some 17,000 kM2 and through the pastoral properties of Ammaroo, Murray Downs, Elkedra, Derry Downs, Utopia, Lake Nash and Urandangie.

The community of Ampilatwatja made a conscious decision not to paint ‘altyerr’ dreaming stories.
The artists paint their country where those stories sit.

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