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Papunya Tjupi Arts

In 1972 the male elders of the various language groups then resident at Papunya instigated the now renowned Papunya Tula Artists to sell and market their paintings on their behalf. In the early 1990's Papunya Tula moved it's operation to Kintore and Kwiirrkurra, west of Papunya. Warumpi Arts was established in Alice Springs by the Papunya Community Council in 1994. The closure of Warumpi Arts in 2004 by the Council left the majority of Papunya artists with no representation and at the mercy of private dealers, many of who are unethical in their business practices.
in October 2007 Papunya Tjupi Arts began operating as an Aboriginal owned community-based art centre servicing approximately 100 artists. They are a not for profit organisation where all proceeds go directly back to the artists and into community projects.
Papunya is the world famous birth place of the Western Desert Art movement and as such is lucky in being a particularly culturally rich and vibrant area.

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