Billy Benn
Billy Benn Perrurle

Alyawarre Language Group


38 x 10cms

Acrylic on linen

Ref No: BB070920

Billy Benn worked at Bindi Inc. for over 20 years, an organisation established to provide employment opportunities, support and advocacy for people with a disability in Alice Springs. During his time constructing metal boxes he identified a space which became his corner to paint in. Billy began to visually map out his father's country via the painted image, using old boards discarded by the Alice Springs Timber Mill. Working as many outsider artists do, with second rate materials, on any surface that appealed, Billy painted using his fingers, cloth, glue and paint. Despite the brilliant landscapes being created they were only shown once prior to 2000 in an exhibition of artworks done by people with a disability in the beyond passions exhibition in Alice Springs. All his work sold, and yet, the low profile of the exhibition meant that his work had still not been seen by the wider art market.
Unable to return to his homeland, Billy continued to primarily paint his father's country. His images are done from memory and feeling. He planed to paint every hill from his country.
Billy's work is held in major national galleries and in many private collections.
Billy passed away in 2012.




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