Kaye Baker

Kaye Baker

Pitjantjatjara Language Group

“Kalaya Tjukurpa”

100 x 66cm

Ref No: KB13430



This area is home to the Kalaya (emu). There are rockholes and creek lines crossing over this place. The Kalaya mai (emu foods) are abundant. They are travelling around eating kampurarpa, ili, wayanu, kunakanti, tjulpulpa and puli tjuta. All the small stones they gather from the creek bed and eat them too. Tjukurpa mulapa. This is important country with strong Dreaming. This is the story for that old man(Jimmy Baker), my father.

Kay was born at Ernabella c 1955. She spent her early years at the mission before her family moved to Fregon community. At Fregon Kay worked in the craft room. She moved to Kanpi, the traditional country of her father Jimmy Baker in the 1980's and helped set up a small art and craft room there and she worked closely with her father until his passing


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