Wipana Jimmy

Wipana Jimmy

Pitjantjatjara Language Group

“Wataru Ila”

82 x 117cm

Ref No: WJ11382

This is my country close to Watarru,Tjilpil, Ilpili and Pantjinmarta. At these rock holes and all the animals are coming up to drink. Malu tjuta, kalaya tjuta pitjanyi (the kangaroo's and emus). The water runs along the creek lines when it rains.

Wipana was born in the bush at Makiri rockhole in the Western Desert in 1935. Her mother’s country is Watarru and her father’s place is Aparatjara. She grew up at the mission at Ernabella and remembers her school days fondly. "At school we learn’t in Pitjantjatjara, English wiya (no english). All the kids were nikkiti no clothes. Ngaltutjara poor things!" Later she moved to Fregon with her family, where she married and brought up her children. She helped to establish the community at Watarru.


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