Jan Billycan

Jan Billycan

Yulparija Language Group


60.5 x 60.5 cm

Acrylic on linen

Ref No: JB27059

"This place is the birth place of my father's clan. Our clan is also named Kirriwirri, and call each individual members of this clan Kirriwirri. There is a a big warla (mud flat) at this place. This is what this painting is about."
Kirriwirri is in the Great Sandy Desert close to and west of Well 33 on the Canning Stock Route. It is the birth place of Jan and her family. This work shows tali (sand dunes) and jila (living water).

Jan Billycan (Djan Nanudie) was born circa 1930 and grew up in Ilyarra country. There are jila (living water) in this country including Karrparti, Kawarr, Jurntiwa, and Wirrguj. Other places include Dodo, Kartal, Kiriwirri and Yukarri. When Jan was young she walked all around these places with her parents. Jan says 'in living water there is a quiet snake. Sometimes he rises up, but we sing him down sometimes he can travel and bring rain. Ilyarra is my country Ilyarra, where I grew up. Lots of tali (sand dunes) and jila in this country. This big dog country.


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