Lorna Brown

Lorna Brown

Pintupi Language Group


107 x 91cm

Ref No: LB1101142

This painting depicts the site of Warren Creek, just to the west of the Mt. Liebig Community. This is the artist's grandfather's country and there are both rockholes and soakage waters at the site. The shapes in the work represent the creek, rockholes, soakage sites and sandhills in the area.
During ancestral times a large group of women camped at Warren Creek gathering edible berries and fruit. The women also dug for honey ants and witchetty grubs.

Lorna was born in the bush near Haasts Bluff in 1962. She moved to Papunya with her family when she was just a few months old. After 2 years they moved back to Haasts Buff before later moving to Warren Creek outstation, near Mt. Leibig. Lorna is married to Bobby West Tjupurrula and in 1999 contributed to the Kiwirrkura women's painting as part of the Western Desert Dialysis Appeal.


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