Walangkura Reid

Walangkura Reid Napurrula

Pintupi Language Group


91 x 61cm

Ref No: WR0107186

This painting depicts designs associated with the Seven Sisters' Dreaming at Dale Creek, east of Warakuna.
A group of women of the Napaltjarri kinship subsection camped at this site. They were being pursued by a man of the Tjakamarra kinship subsection. The women travelled over quite a distance but managed to keep ahead of him.
The arcs in the painting represent the sandhills in the country through which they passed.

Walangkura was born in country east of Warakurna sometime in the mid 1930s. Her first contact with European people was at the Giles weather station, which was established in 1956. She lived for most of her life between the neighbouring communities of Tjukurla and Warakurna, sometimes frequenting Kintore where her 2 daughters were living. Walangkura later settled in Kintore, where she painted regularly of stories relating to the Seven Sisters Dreaming.
Walangkura passed away in 2004.




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