Eileen Napaltjarri

Pintupi Language Group


61 x 31 cm

Ref No: EN1607036

This painting depicts designs associated with the rockhole site and soakage site of Tjiturrulpa, situated in rocky hills, west of the Kintore community.
During ancestral times a group of men and women travelled east from this site toward the rockhole site of Illpilli. Along the way they gathered material for the production of various tools used in everyday life. The lines in the painting depict the lenghts of wood that are fashioned into a variety of tools including spears, nulla nullas, shields and boomerang.

Eileen Napaltjarri is a highly regarded second generation artist of the Western Desert movement. Eileen was born in the Haasts Bluff community in December 1956 to the late Charlie Tararu Tjungurrayi, one of the founding members of Papunya Tula Artists who forged a longstanding and innovative artistic career. Her mother, Tatali Nangala, was another accomplished and prolific painter. Eileen is the wife of leading Kintore artist, Kenny Williams Tjampitjinpa.
Eileen moved from Haasts Bluff to Kintore with her family after the outstation was first established there in the early 1980s. She often sat beside her parents as they painted. In 1999, after the death of her mother, Eileen began to paint her own stories.

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