Ada Bird

Ada Bird Petyarre

Anmatyerre Language Group

“Mountain Devil Lizard ”

Acrylic on cotton duck

60 x 45cms

Ref No: AB016395


The linear pattern in Ada's painting represents Awelye - Ceremonial Body Paint design associated with the Arnkerrthe - Mountain Devil Lizard Dreaming from Atnangkere and Alhalkere country.

Ada Bird was born c.1930 at Mulga Bore Outstation, NE of Alice Springs and has been involved in the art movement of Utopia since its inception. She began with the Utopia Women's Batik Group in the late 1970's. In 1988 she began painting with CAAMA's Summer Project and has been a consistent artist to this day. Ada's work is represented in many major and private collections both nationally and internationally.
Ada has two daughters and four sons and is currently living with family at a small outstation near Mulga Bore.


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