Kathleen Ngala


Kathleen Ngala

Anmatyarr Language Group.

“Bush Plum”

177 x 135cms

Ref No: URA04115


“Pretty one, pretty. Pretty country, my country. Bush plum I paint. All the bush plums, all the flowers, all the country.”
As told by Kathleen Ngala.

Kathleen Ngala lives with her husband Motorbike Paddy on an outstation called Camel Camp, which is not far from where she was born. Kathleen is in her 70’s and started her career in batik before venturing into painting. Kathleen often assisted the late Emily Kngwarrey with whom she shared the same country. Arlparra is her country from her father’s side and her mother came from Ngwelay, commonly known as Kurajong Bore. Kathleen is a senior custodian of the Bush Plum Dreaming. Her sisters include Poly Ngala, Maggie Ngala and Angelina Apwerle.


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