Minnie Pwerle

Alan Griffiths

Ngarinyman/Ngaliwurru Language Group


76 x 130 cm

Natural ochre and pigments on linen

Ref No:WAA751504


Guljagi is one of Alan’s key images and is part of his traditional country near Victoria River Downs Station. Guljagi (Sandown Hill) is the central landmark in the painting. To the left is a small hill – Kininil. In the lower left is Lindiminung Hill. Manjigul Gorge runs down the left and across the bottom of the painting. Sandown Creek flows diagonally across the upper right side while Cybarus Creek runs across the top of the painting. On the right is a range of hills the highest of which is Cybarus Point. There are two tracks shown either side of Guljagi. The one on the right is the old camel track and to the left is the new track made for cars

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