Marlette Ross

Marlette Napururrla Ross

Warlpiri Language Group

“Native Fuchsia Dreaming”

61 x 30cm

Ref No: MR233016

This Dreaming is about a Jungarrayi man called Lintipilinti who lived at Ngarlu, east of Yuendumu. Lintipilinti fell in love with a Napangardi woman, which is a forbidden relationship under Walpiri law, as the woman was his classificatory mother-in-law. When the two met they made love but were turned to stone as their relationship was taboo. The two can still be seen today as two rocks at Ngarlu. During the events the women of Ngarlu who gossiped about the wrong skin love uniion turned into 'mininypa'. These are a plant with a small red flower with honey inside, which are delicious to eat. Ngarlu is a scared place where 'mininpa' are still commonly found today.



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